The Kevi Double-Wheel Castor

Looking deeper into the history of one of the furniture world's biggest innovations.

The start of a era

In 1968, Furniture Architect Jørgen Rasmussen MAA designed the well-known KEVI double-wheel castor as part of the new KEVI office chair. The wheel quickly became world famous, and has later been further developed into a wide range of different types of castors. This was the start of the company KEVI, which became a recognized manufacturer of the well-known KEVI office chairs and castors. Over the years, the double-wheel KEVI furniture castor has won several design awards, including the ID Classic Award in 1998. In the 1970s, the double-wheel castors were further developed with a locking function, and throughout the 1980s, new castors with soft wheels were introduced for use on wooden floors, among other things. During the same period, antistatic wheels made of aluminium and zinc also appeared on the market, so that static electricity could be avoided when used on carpets.

Scancastor gets on the Map

After the sale of KEVI in 1988, production of the well-known KEVI castors were transferred to ScanCastor A/S. The growing demand for double-wheel furniture castors for, among other things, office chairs, but also many other furniture, led to the further development of several other castor models. In the 1990s, ScanCastor developed a castor that, as the only one in the world, could be completely disassembled and cleaned thoroughly. This was especially in sought after by laboratories, hospitals and hairdressers. During this period, the speed of the castors was also looked at, and a castor was developed that run easier with load. This way, the chair is not pushed away when you stand up. Different variants of this function have been developed, so today we can offer a very wide range of Danish-designed office castors.

Keeping it original

Through continuous further development of the double-wheel castors, ScanCastor has managed to retain the original castors on the market despite fierce competition from inferior copyists. Therefore, a large part of our products today are sold worldwide either as direct export or produced under license agreements. ScanCastor is still the only manufacturer of the original KEVI double-wheel furniture castor world-wide.

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