The Kevi Office Chair - Our Journey with a Design Classic

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From Vision to Blueprint

The Kevi office chair, designed by the talented Danish architect Jørgen Rasmussen back in 1958, has been a hallmark of style and comfort for decades. We at Scancastor have had the privilege of turning this iconic vision into a tangible reality, engineering and crafting the die-casted aluminum parts and castors that give the Kevi chair its distinctive edge.

Design Evolution

We believe in a hands-on approach. That's why we've worked closely with the design community to ensure the Kevi chair remains as beloved and functional today as it was when it first came out. It's our attention to detail and open dialogue with clients that have allowed this chair to grace spaces worldwide, from academic halls in the UK to creative studios in Japan.

Assembly with Care​

Every Kevi chair is assembled with care in our Danish warehouse. We make sure that each chair not only looks good but is built to last, reflecting our dedication to top-notch quality.

Quality Control: The Scancastor Seal of Excellence

When it comes to the KEVI office chair, we at Scancastor don't play around with quality. Each aluminum part and castor that we craft goes through a rigorous quality control process. Why? Because we're obsessed with details and committed to delivering nothing but the best. From the smoothness of the swivel to the sturdiness of the seat, we check every inch to ensure that when you sit down in a KEVI chair, it's not just comfortable, it's a premium experience that's made to last. It's our promise – a chair that not only meets the high standards of design and functionality but also passes the tough love test of our quality control team.

Precision Production

When it comes to making the Kevi chair, we're all about precision. Our facilities, both here in Denmark and overseas, are where we turn raw materials into the parts that make each Kevi chair a work of art.

Supply Chain Excellence

We've got the supply chain down to an art. From our warehouse to locations all over the world, we ensure that the Kevi chair arrives safely, maintaining its reputation as a leader in ergonomic design and comfort.

Sustainable Innovation: Scancastor's Recycled Plastic Material

The KEVI office chair isn't just about smart design; it's also about smart materials. We're proud to say that this chair incorporates Scancastor's recycled plastic material, turning sustainability into a comfortable reality. By choosing recycled plastics, we're not just crafting a chair, we're making a statement. Every sit-down is a step towards a greener planet, and with Scancastor, you're part of the eco-friendly journey.

The Kevi Chair: A Legacy of Ergonomics

With Jørgen Rasmussen's brilliant design and our manufacturing know-how, the Kevi chair has changed the game in office furniture. Its ergonomic design and our unique double-wheel castor have made sitting down to work a whole lot better for people everywhere.

Partnering with Montana Furniture

Our collaboration with Montana Furniture has been nothing short of extraordinary. Together, we've made sure that the Kevi chair isn't just a piece of furniture; it's part of a commitment to sustainability and innovation. Montana's eco-friendly approach and our manufacturing expertise have made the Kevi chair a symbol of sustainable design.

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