Marée Chair: A Journey from Recycled Plastic to Designer Furniture

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Your Idea, Our Expertise

In collaboration with Montana Furniture, Scancastor embarked on the ambitious project of the Marée chair range. The vision was clear: to create a chair that not only stands out in design but also champions sustainability through the use of 100% recycled plastic.

Construct, Discuss, Refine

The journey began with meticulous construction and engineering, where Scancastor's team worked closely with the designer, Jens Martin Skibsted and Montana Furniture, to refine the concept. The Marée chair's design, inspired by the grooves left in sand by the ebbing tide, required a balance of aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.

Prototyping & Testing

Prototypes were crafted with precision, focusing on the chair's distinctive cut-out back and the complexity of its upholstery. The iterative process of prototyping allowed for the fine-tuning of comfort and design, ensuring the final product would meet the high standards set by both Scancastor and Montana Furniture.

Quality Control & Final Product

Injection moulding in recycled plastic was not just a choice but a statement of commitment to sustainability. Scancastor's expertise in working with recycled materials ensured that the Marée chairs were not only environmentally friendly but also durable and of high quality.

Start Mass-Production

With the prototypes perfected, the tooling completed and the materials sourced, mass production commenced. Scancastor's injection moulding factory became the birthplace of the Marée chairs, where each piece was crafted with care and precision.

Manage Entire Supplychain

The final chairs were assembled with attention to detail and distributed from Scancastor's warehouse in Denmark, ensuring a seamless supply chain from concept to customer.

Sustainable Innovation: Scancastor's Recycled Plastic Material

The MARÉE chair isn't just about smart design; it's also about smart materials. We're proud to say that this chair incorporates Scancastor's recycled plastic material, turning sustainability into a comfortable reality. By choosing recycled plastics, we're not just crafting a chair, we're making a statement. Every sit-down is a step towards a greener planet, and with Scancastor, you're part of the eco-friendly journey.

The Marée Chair: A Testament to Design and Sustainability

The Marée chair, with its straight lines and functional design, is a testament to the collaborative spirit of Scancastor and Montana Furniture. It represents a successful fusion of innovative design and environmental responsibility, offered in a palette of eight curated colours from Montana's collection.

About the Collaborators

Jens Martin Skibsted's vision and Scancastor's manufacturing prowess, combined with Montana Furniture's commitment to sustainability, have resulted in a chair that is not just a piece of furniture but a statement of design philosophy. Montana Furniture, a leader in storage and furniture solutions, continues to set the standard for sustainable and modular systems, now enriched by the Marée chair range.

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