The ScanCastor history

In the 1990s, Anders Kornerup owned a successful plastics manufacturing plant which manufactured parts for the furniture industry, amongst others. However, he saw the possibilities in developing products and framework conditions for the largest furniture manufacturers. It had to be easy for them to scale both up and down while access to a number of components for their furniture became quicker and cheaper.

It started with castors for office chairs with the original ScanCastor castor for which a patent application was filed in the 1960s for the renowned Kevi chair. Through the 90s and the 00s the range was extended to also include frames of own designs, gas cylinders, mechanisms for the adjustment of office chairs and the casting of plastic shells for the chair itself in high quality and small tolerances.

During this period, ScanCastor became a popular supplier to an array of larger furniture manufacturers because they would receive a high-quality product at the right price – and with local, Danish assistance with development and logistics services, the responsibility moved from the manufacturer to ScanCastor.

ScanCastor also offers its concept and products to manufacturers outside the Nordic countries as, with the establishment of the most recent manufacturing plant in Serbia, it already has the entire setup for handling significantly larger volumes.

The ScanCastor mission

ScanCastor delivers solutions to manufacturers which recognise the advantage in outsourcing parts of both development, production and logistics, firstly, so that they may focus on e.g. design, development and image and, secondly, to become more efficient in terms of both price and time.

The ScanCastor vision

ScanCastor must earn both the trust of our customers and be entrusted with responsibility on their part and, thus, become the preferred development partner on a par with our customer’s own staff. Primarily, because this gives our customers the freedom to focus on development while ScanCastor handles the  work in the background which, in turn, makes it easier for our customers to realise their general development and their visions.

The ScanCastor values

  • Quality
  • Honesty
  • Solution-oriented
  • Action after consideration
  • Responsibility