Today, when new products are to be realised, this usually entails a realisation of new visions to the benefit of consumers who receive an improved product in terms of better design, function or both.

Generally, furniture manufacturers have become even more visionary, design-oriented and more prepared to constantly developing quickly than previously.

This means that the departments for design and innovation are often considerably stronger than previously, but also, that there is less room and time for preparation for production, engineering and optimising production.

An increasing number of manufacturers solves this issue by outsourcing what they are not the best at while they retain their core competence: Design and innovation.

This strengthens the image and makes the process much more efficient than if you had to retain “in-house” experts for everything.

Through 25 years, ScanCastor has specialised in the processes which do not affect product shape, function and image, which makes it simple for manufacturers to opt out of maintaining the internal functions which do not add to image, design or profile.

Typically, ScanCastor provides engineering, optimisation of production, solutions in logistics or the complete solution “behind the front”, depending on the wishes of our various customers.