For years, there have been different opinions as to whether it is worthwhile to manufacture one’s own products.

Many companies have outsourced their production to the Far East, amongst others, only to later bring the production back home. With its own manufacturing plant in Europe and a solid network of regular, specialised subcontractors in the Far East, ScanCastor has learnt the fine art of providing local production of high quality at a price which ensures that our customers are competitive.

One of our specialities is casting in plastic in our own manufacturing plant of anything from small products to shells for chairs of up to 11 kg. In addition, we are able to handle the manufacturing of many other types of products in die cast aluminium and steel, amongst others. We also have many years’ experience with CNC bent and turned products as well as the supply of massive wire frames. In other words, whether you have a small or a large product in plastic or metal, we are bound to be able to assist you in having it manufactured in the best possible quality and at the right price.