One thing is the technicality of developing and constructing a product, and subsequently starting a production up of this. Something else is the handling of the logistics that comes with in the form of both assembly, warehousing and distribution of the finished product.

So whether ScanCastor has been involved in the development and production of your products or not, we can help you deal with, collect and distribute your products to both retailers and end customers under your own name. This can be a way to focus on your core business, so that all focus can be on e.g. design, profiling, image, sales and marketing – Scancastor takes care of the rest.

Our Services

Furniture solutions for the global market.

About Scancastor

ScanCastor A / S is a supplier of parts and components to mainly the furniture industry. We supply standard components directly from our large warehouse in Toreby on Lolland, but also help many of our customers with everything from design, development, construction, production and suplly chain solutions of new products.



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