Scancastor's Recycled Die Casting Process

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Step 1: Collection of Scrap Material

The first step in our recycling process involves gathering a diverse array of scrap materials, including manufacturing waste, end-of-life products, and rejects. This collection is the starting point of giving new life to discarded metals.

Step 2: Sorting and Cleaning

Different types of metals are meticulously sorted and cleaned, using conveyors and sorting tables. This process ensures the purity of the materials and lays the groundwork for high-quality recycled products.

Step 3: Shredding and Crushing

Scrap metal undergoes shredding and crushing, transforming it into smaller, more manageable pieces. This crucial process is facilitated by powerful machinery, setting the stage for efficient melting and purification.

Step 4: Melting and Purification

In the furnace, scrap metal is melted down. During this stage, workers skillfully skim off impurities, ensuring the molten metal is as pure as possible. This purification step is vital for maintaining the quality of our recycled products.

Step 5: Formation of Ingots or Billets

The purified molten metal is then cast into molds to form ingots or billets. This process is carefully managed to produce solid, uniform blocks of metal, ready for the next phase of production.

Step 6: Quality Testing

Each batch of recycled metal undergoes rigorous quality testing in our laboratory. Technicians use advanced equipment to examine metal samples, ensuring they meet our strict quality standards.

Step 7: Reintegration into Production

The recycled metal, now in the form of ingots or billets, is reintegrated into production. It’s mixed with virgin metal and used in our die casting processes, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices.

Step 8: Continuous Monitoring and Improvement

Our commitment to sustainability is ongoing. We continuously monitor the recycling process through various stages, using real-time data to analyze performance metrics and make environmental impact assessments. This constant vigilance ensures continuous improvement in our processes.

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