Patio Chair No. One: From Recycled Innovation to Outdoor Elegance

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Your Idea, Our Expertise

SACKit's vision for the ultimate outdoor chair led to a partnership with Scancastor, leveraging our expertise in sustainable manufacturing. The goal was to create Patio Chair No. One – a chair that would redefine outdoor comfort with a sustainable twist.

Construct, Discuss, Refine

The design process was a collaborative effort, focusing on the chair's ability to withstand outdoor elements while maintaining a timeless aesthetic. Scancastor's engineering team worked tirelessly, ensuring that the chair's design would be both durable and elegant.

Prototyping & Testing

Prototyping was crucial in achieving the perfect balance between form and function. The prototypes underwent rigorous testing, ensuring that the recycled plastic material would not only be UV-stabilized to prevent fading but also strong enough to endure the elements. After final approval of the prototype the injection moulding tool was finalized.

Quality Control & Final Product

The injection moulding process was carried out with precision at Scancastor's factory, using recycled plastic to shape the chair's distinctive curves and ergonomic design. Each chair was a statement of quality and environmental responsibility.

Start Mass-Production

With the design finalized and the materials tested, mass production began. Scancastor's commitment to sustainability was evident in every chair produced, ensuring that Patio Chair was not just a product but a part of a larger eco-friendly initiative.

Manage Entire Supplychain

Scancastor didn't stop at manufacturing. We took charge of the entire supply chain, assembling the final chairs and managing distribution from our warehouse in Denmark, ensuring a seamless process from production to delivery.

Sustainable Innovation: Scancastor's Recycled Plastic Material

The Patio office chair isn't just about smart design; it's also about smart materials. We're proud to say that this chair incorporates Scancastor's recycled plastic material, turning sustainability into a comfortable reality. By choosing recycled plastics, we're not just crafting a chair, we're making a statement. Every sit-down is a step towards a greener planet, and with Scancastor, you're part of the eco-friendly journey.

The Patio Chair No. One: A Synthesis of Design and Sustainability

SACKit's uncompromising approach to design and Scancastor's manufacturing capabilities culminated in a chair that is as comfortable as it is sustainable. The Patio Chair No. One, with its soft curves and flexible backrest, offers unparalleled comfort for outdoor living spaces.

About the Collaborators

SACKit's dedication to quality and Scancastor's innovative use of recycled materials have set a new standard for outdoor furniture. Together, they have created a chair that is not only a testament to modern design but also to the possibilities of sustainable manufacturing.

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