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Injection Moulding Capacities

In the dynamic world of furniture manufacturing, injection molding stands as a beacon of innovation and precision. At ScanCastor, we’ve harnessed this technique to its fullest potential, specifically tailoring our approach for the unique demands of the furniture industry. We have also developed a state of the art recycling plant that can produce furniture components in recycled material.

Scancastor Injection Moulding Capabilities


Injection Moulding, Insert Moulding, Overmoulding

Lead Time

Starts at 14 business days


Rapid Tooling: recommended for 100-10,000 parts / Production Tooling: recommended for over 10,000 parts


Plastics and resins

Machines Available

Single, multi-cavity, and family moulds; 50 to 1,500+ press tonnage; side actions including hand-loaded cores

Mould Cavity Tolerances

± 0.1 mm when machining the mold and an additional ± 0.05 mm when calculating for shrink rate

Part to Part Repeatability

±0.1 mm or less

Critical Feature Tolerances

Tighter tolerances can be requested and may increase the cost of tooling because of additional sampling and grooming.

Available Mould Types

Steel (tool steel, carbon steel) and aluminum; Production grades range from Class 105, a prototype mold, to Class 101, an extremely high production mould.

Advantages of Injection Moulding with Scancastor

Rapid Turnaround

We offer precise and fast turnaround time for prototypes and finished projects

Serial Production

Ideal for the production starting from 100 parts.


Scancastor offers tight tolerance options in accordance to client expectations.


Single, multi-cavity, and family mould options.

Material Selection

Vast materials selection allows you to get the desired strength and surface quality.

Quality Control

Our QA department performs strong quality assurance.

Scancastor Injection Moulding Mould Classes

Cycles Production
Mould base Minimum hardness (BHN) Description
>1 million
Heat-treated stainless steel
Fast cycle times and very high production rate
<1 million
Heat-treated tool steel
Good for parts with abrasive materials and tight tolerances
P20 Steel
Widely used for low to medium production parts
Mild steel, aluminium, or alloys
Good for limited-production parts especially with non-abrasive materials
Very low
Soft aluminum, epoxy, cast materials
Mostly used for prototype production

Injection Moulding Materials

Recycled Plastic Material By Scancastor

Scancastor has dedicated a lot of time and energy into developing their own recycled plastic material. We have a lot of experience in developing furniture components in recycled material aswell. Click the icon to read more about Scancasor's Recycled Plastic Material.

Injection Moulding Finishing Options

Injection Moulding Projects Made with Scancastor

Cobra Ergonomic Educational Chair


Marée Chair

Injection Moulding: How It Works

1. Request Manufacturing

After a consultation we discuss terms and start the process.

2. Quote & DFM

We perform design-for-manufacturability analysis and prepare your quote

3. Tool Manufacturing

After mold design approval, we start manufacturing the tool.

4. Samples

We produce samples, perform QA, and send the samples to you.

5. Production Completion

After approval of the samples, the large batch production is kicked-off.

6. Delivery

Your parts are delivered to you.

Furniture solutions for the global market.

About Scancastor

ScanCastor A / S is a supplier of parts and components to mainly the furniture industry. We supply standard components directly from our large warehouse in Toreby on Lolland, but also help many of our customers with everything from design, development, construction, production and suplly chain solutions of new products.



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