From Idea To Final Product Your Furniture Vision Realized

Specializing in Comprehensive Furniture Development, from Concept to Consumer

Among Our Clients

Your Idea, Our Expertise

Got a vision for your next furniture piece? Our in-house engineers bring your ideas to life, transforming concepts into tangible designs and detailed drawings.

Construct, Discuss, Refine

We don't just draft designs. We construct, discuss, and refine. Our iterative process ensures your furniture not only looks good on paper but functions flawlessly in real life.

Prototyping & Testing

Before mass production, we create prototypes. Testing ensures durability, comfort, and aesthetics align with your vision and our high standards.

Start Mass-Production

Once approved, we shift to production mode. Our facilities specialize in furniture, particularly chairs, ensuring each piece meets rigorous quality standards.

Quality Control & Final Product

We check every aspect of the construction and design and make sure everything is in it's finest order before giving the green light for the production.

Manage Entire Supplychain

We don't stop at production. ScanCastor can manage inventory, ensure quality control, and even handle shipping to your end consumer.

Case Studies

Full Chair Development

From a mere idea to a market-ready chair, see how we transformed a client's vision into a tangible, sellable product.

Custom Castor Development

When off-the-shelf solutions won't do, we step in. Discover how we developed a custom castor tailored to specific client needs.

50+ Years of
for Years

Ready to bring your furniture vision to life? Let's discuss how ScanCastor can make it a reality

Furniture solutions for the global market.

About Scancastor

ScanCastor A / S is a supplier of parts and components to mainly the furniture industry. We supply standard components directly from our large warehouse in Toreby on Lolland, but also help many of our customers with everything from design, development, construction, production and suplly chain solutions of new products.



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