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Process of Die Casting

At ScanCastor, we’ve mastered the art of die casting specifically for the furniture sector. Our advanced facilities transform high-quality metals into intricate and durable furniture components. From robust chair bases to detailed metal accents, our precision-driven approach ensures impeccable results. Collaborating closely with designers, we bring visionary furniture concepts to life, all while upholding the highest industry standards. Choose ScanCastor for unparalleled die casting excellence in furniture manufacturing.

Advantages of Die Casting with Scancastor

Rapid Turnaround

We offer fast mould lead times Starts from 20 days!

Serial Production

Ideal for the production starting from 100 parts.

Endless Options & Finishes

Several different materials for dozens of combinations of finishes, tolerances and markings. We also offer material certifications, inspections and measurement reports.

In-house quality control

Strict in-house QC to ensure your parts are flawless.

Die Casting Materials

Scancastor's Recycled Die Casting Process

Scancastor has dedicated a lot of time and energy into developing their own recycled die casting process. We have a lot of experience in developing furniture components in recycled material aswell. Click the icon to read more about Scancasor's Recycled Die Casting Process.

Die Casting Finishing Options


We can always work custom finishing options tailored to your needs out, so dont hesistate to challenge us!

As cast

Zinc and aluminium zinc parts can be left as-cast and retain reasonable corrosion resistance. Aluminium parts must be coated to achieve corrosion resistance. Cast parts are typically broken away from the casting sprue, leaving rough marks at the gate locations.

Final result: Most castings will also have visible marks left by the ejector pins.

Order Die Cast Parts: How It Works

1. Request Manufacturing

After a consultation we discuss terms and start the process.

2. Quote & DFM

We perform design-for-manufacturability analysis and prepare your quote.

3. Tool Manufacturing

After mold design approval, we start manufacturing the tool.

4. Samples

We produce samples, perform QA, and send the samples to you.

5. Production Completion

After approval of the samples, the large batch production is kicked-off.

6. Delivery

Your parts are delivered to you.

Overview: What is Die Casting?

Die casting stands as a premier manufacturing method for producing intricate metal components in high volumes, especially in the furniture industry. At ScanCastor, we utilize steel molds akin to those in injection molding, but instead of plastics, we work with metals like zinc and aluminium, known for their low melting points. This process is favored for its precision, consistency, and adaptability, making it ideal for crafting detailed furniture parts.

In die casting, molten metal is driven into a steel mold or die under high pneumatic or hydraulic pressure. These molds are designed to shape metal into complex geometries, perfect for the nuanced designs often seen in furniture components. Among all casting processes, die casting is responsible for crafting the majority of metal parts.

While some companies might focus on specific metals, aluminium dominates the die casting scene, accounting for roughly 80% of all die cast parts, a testament to its versatility and durability in furniture applications.

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About Scancastor

ScanCastor A / S is a supplier of parts and components to mainly the furniture industry. We supply standard components directly from our large warehouse in Toreby on Lolland, but also help many of our customers with everything from design, development, construction, production and suplly chain solutions of new products.



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