When new products today have to be made a reality, it usually means the realization of new visions, for the benefit of consumers, who get a better product in the form of better design, function or both. Furniture manufacturers have generally become even more visionary, design-oriented and much more willing to constantly evolve rapidly compared to the past.

This often means that the design and innovation departments are significantly stronger than before, but that there is less space and time for preparation for production, engineering and production optimization. This solves more and more of the best manufacturers by outsourcing what they are not best at, whereas they stick to their core competency: Design and innovation.

It strengthens the image and it makes the process significantly more efficient than if you had to have experts “in-house” for it all.At Scancastor, we have for 25 years specialized in the processes that do not affect the shape, function and image of the products, so it will be easy for manufacturers to choose the internal functions from, which do not provide image, design or profile.

Typically, ScanCastor delivers engineering, production optimization, logistics solutions or the complete solution “behind the facade”, all depending on what our various customers want.

Our Services

Furniture solutions for the global market.

About Scancastor

ScanCastor A / S is a supplier of parts and components to mainly the furniture industry. We supply standard components directly from our large warehouse in Toreby on Lolland, but also help many of our customers with everything from design, development, construction, production and suplly chain solutions of new products.



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